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A big thank you to Mr. Sieß from Sinn Watch Forum, who organised a trip to our company. He visited us with 15 forum members on Friday, 23rd September. Mr Thomas Ickler spoke about the history of Ickler company (since 1924), the manufacture process of watch cases and as well as about our brands LIMES and ARCHIMEDEIt was a pleasure to meet all this watch enthusiasts and experts. We had a great afternoon and very interesting conversations.

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We are happy to inform you that we offer Pilots 42 and Pilot 39 again with a date option at 6. The price is EUR 580 (including VAT) and EUR 487,39 (without VAT). The watches can be ordered in our OnlineShop.


For any questions please contact us at any time.

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The ARCHIMEDE Klassik 42 is now available with stunning bilcolor cases. Please see below the great combination possibilities with black PVD and Antique Gold. The prices are from EUR 680 to EUR 740 (incl. VAT) and can be ordered in our OnlineShop.

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Testing the coming soon OutDoor with blue dial in the rough nature of Lappland & Noth Cape. The ARCHIMEDE OutDoor is a hardened activity Mechanical Watch and suitable for all kind of excursions and outdoor-adventures | Great pictures by BeechStudios | Stunning style combination with the jewels of Mamma Bavaria

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We are happy to announce that the ARCHIMEDE DeckWatch Marineuhr is now available with Bronze case. The price of the DeckWatch Bronze is EUR 960 (incl. VAT), EUR 806,71 (without VAT) and can be ordered in our ARCHIMEDE OnlineShop



Defakto Watches News

May 21st, 2016 | Posted by IcklerWatches in General - (2 Comments)

Defakto Kinetik Inkognito

The integrated minimalist design of the Defakto Kinetik has the aim to visually emphasize the interaction of transiting watch hands. The idea was to create an automatic watch that constantly generates repeating kinetic constellations.

We now offer the option of a logo free Kinetik – beneath a more minimalistic look it also offers the possibility of being worn left or righthand within the same watch by turning it for 180 degrees.

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Finally done: The new ARCHIMEDE website / webshop.

  • new structure
  • great watch overview
  • product detail pages

If you see any errors please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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The ARCHIMEDE OutDoor Protect with its hardened steel case is a trusted companion for any adventure!
Thank you Beech Studios for the great pictures!

You will find all information about the ARCHIMEDE OutDoor Protect on our website.

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Please be informed:
The watches are assembled now. Therefore delivery time will be 3-4 weeks (instead of 1-2 weeks).

Enjoy the stunning video: Extraordinaire views of the anniversary watch combined with beautiful sounds.

Thank you Beech Studios for the great cooperation!

We are happy that the 90-years anniversary Pilot Chronograph with the 7750 TOP Tricompax will be finally available for purchase during April. The rotor is specially designed for this edition. The steel hands are Ickler made heat blued.

This anniversary chronograph is limited to 50 pieces. Pre-orders / reservations can be made by email (

The price will be EUR 2.200 (incl. VAT), 1.848,74 (without VAT).