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90-year anniversary of ICKLER (1924 – 2014)

October 8th, 2015 | Posted by IcklerWatches in ARCHIMEDE | General

Late but not too late the already announced limited edition of the Pilot Chronograph with the 7750 TOP Tricompax is coming into production now. The last missing parts are the rotors, which are specially designed for this edition. The Ickler made heat blued steel hands are finished and we have made a first test assembling:23


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27 Responses

  • Nicolas says:

    Hello, i wonder, when we can order this limited edition ?

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear Nicolas,
      Thank you for your comment. For the time beeing we can not tell you the exact release date. As soon as we know it we will inform you on our Blog, Facebook and Website.
      For any questions please contact us at any time. Have a nice Friday. Best regards, Lisa

  • Kevin Lam says:

    This looks lovely. I don’t think I’ve seen another tricompax flieger with this subdial arrangement.

  • Juergen says:

    I like the 90 years anniversary pilot chronograph! When will it be possible to buy one? Price? Best regards! J.

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear Jürgen,
      Thanks for your comment. We can not tell you the exact release date for the Anniversary Chronograph. As soon as we know it we will inform you on our website, blog and facebook.
      Have a nice day. Best regards, Lisa

  • Kiet says:

    Dear Lisa – Will the case have a pvd or non-pvd finish?

  • K. K. Yew says:

    Will it be launched by this year or next year?

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear K. K. Yew, Thanks for your message. The ICKLER anniversary Chronograph will probably launched beginning of next year.As soon as we have more information we will inform on our blog, Facebook and also website. Have a nice day. Greetings from Germany, Lisa

  • Stefan says:

    The pictures of this watch make me breathless!!! What diameter will the watch have, please? Will it have a bezel and a steel strap? Thank you in advance!

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear Stefan,

      Thank you for your message. The watch will have a 42 mm diameter.
      As soon as we have more information about the various styles we will let you know on our blog, Facebook and website. Should be in first quarter of 2016. Have a great christmas time and a happy new year.
      Best regards from Pforzheim, Lisa

  • andrew says:

    What color will the case be – silver or black?

    Any updates on the release date yet? Really looking forward to this one!!

  • Carlos says:

    Hello, this is a nice watch, but it looks a bit like the steinhart chronograph NAV B 44 and 47. Still it’s nice, beautiful, hmm, yes, with a blue tip/dot on the central second hand and with day-date instead of date, otherwise without date at all.

    But what I’m looking for is a rattrapante or flyback, I assume flyback is easier to get by and a rotating bezel with 60m and count-down markers. 10s, 5s, 3,2,1, go, … with nato-strap – all non-retro, just a modern coloured version. Your blue-white approach is a great start.

    Any idear if this would make sense to you to build it?

    thank you.
    Best regards,

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear Carlos,
      Thank you for your comment. For the time beeing we do not focus on your requested design.
      Best regards and thank you for your proposal.

      Have a nice day.
      Best regards, Lisa

  • Hans says:


    I’m very interessed in this watch, do you have more information when the final picture are in the blog an when you can order the watch?
    Because the first quarter of 2016 is nearly finished.

    Thanks a lot and kind regards

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear Hans, Thanks for contacting us. We just announced that the anniversary Chronograph will be available during April. Please have a look at our latest post. For any questions you can contact us at any time. Best regards, Lisa

  • Luis Jimenez says:


    i would be interested in buying this pilot chrongraph. will archived continue to make it?

    regards luis

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear Luis,
      the 90 years Chronograph is sold out. And we won’t continue making it. This was a special limited edition.
      The good news: we will offer soon a new Pilot Chronograph Tricompax on our website. As soon we have more information we will inform on our website / Blog / Facebook. For any questions please contact me at any time.
      Best regards from Pforzheim, Lisa

  • John Nugent says:

    Pilot Chronograph Tricompax??? Whats is this?

    • IcklerWatches says:

      Dear John, the Pilot Chronograph Tricompax was our 90 years ICKLER anniversary watch. This was a limited edition and is not available anymore. Best regards, Lisa

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