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November 17th, 2020 | Posted by IcklerWatches in ARCHIMEDE | General | Ickler Watch Cases

The ARCHIMEDE Doctor’s Watch has a sand-colored dial with black hands and a clear pulsometer. The fine 42mm ICKLER steel case is polished and brushed. The A/R coated sapphire crystal allows excellent readability. The Klassik Doc’s Watch starts at EUR 721,34 (incl. VAT), EUR 621,84 (without VAT), and can be ordered in our ARCHIMEDE Online Shop.

Where the Doc’s Watch actually comes from

The English physician Sir John Floyer (1649-1734) introduced the practice of pulse rate measurement. Convinced that many diseases could be detected by measuring a patient’s pulse, Floyer asked watchmaker Samuel Watson to adjust a watch for this exact purpose. To avoid errors, pulsometer scales have been integrated, providing a simple, reliable, and fast way to measure heart rate with the watch. By using a precise pulsometer scale on the watch, doctors were able to determine pulse rates with higher accuracy.

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